An instrumental trio fusing rock, jazz, metal, and funk, sure to fill any space with destination-altering grooves with each passing melody. Perfect for all functions. For booking, or more information, please contact us.

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Mother Pugs

Staten Island, NY

"Mother Pug's always has a great atmosphere and Awedit, The Parallel Lines, and Goon Dads really carved out their own unique vibes within the space. I came a little late, so unfortunately I didn't get to see the other other artists before them, but it was still a hell of a show. Something I always think is so cool about a show at Pug's is their setup. The lighting is so vibrant and fun and it really sets the foundation for some great music and entertainment."

"Everyone in Awedit is super talented and you should check them out on Spotify and Instagram!"

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A Running gag reel since 2010


Re-Animation EP

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